Shetler Contracting
Shetler Contracting
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The Kitchen Space

Your kitchen is the center of your home.  A room that is highest in use, need of functionality and durability, and beauty.  It is your gathering place, your family space, and the place where your creative culinary talents are manifested.  It is also the space in your house that has the greatest impact on the value and marketability. There is no other space within your home that is more important.


We are your new kitchen specialist.  Your first step is getting your kitchen done right is to contact our office and schedule us to come inspect and examine your current space, structure, mechanical for feasibility, functionality, and building and safety code compliance.  During that meeting we will be able to inform you what you may and may not be able to do, provide you with some budget ranges, and take you step by step from design to completion leveraging all of our resources and expert craftsmanship.  There is nothing more important than doing it right from start to finish.  So make that first right step and contact us.